The theme of this year’s conference is “A Greener Bottom Line.” The evolving business environment and an increased concern for the ecosystem have an effect on the accounting industry and the business world as a whole. The focus has shifted from just “profit or loss” to a “Triple Bottom Line”, which focuses on social, ecological and financials.

In today’s global market, companies are obtaining a competitive advantage through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives and creating sustainable development growth that is produced without a major cost to their communities and environment. Through the practical case and exposure to workshops, we aim to bring increased awareness to environmental issues and CSR initiatives, and the impact that these have on business decisions and operations. Through collaboration with industry professionals and keynote speakers, students will come to develop an understanding of this rapidly changing business dynamic.


keynote speakers

Fahad meer

Introducing one of our speakers for ‪#‎BUAC2015‬ Fahad Meer! Fahad is a Manager in Assurance services at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. In addition to his CPA work, Fahad is also passionate about mentoring and coaching young professionals. To learn more about Fahad and to read his blog, check out






Sarah whyte

Meet Sarah Whyte, one of our keynote speakers for ‪#‎BUAC2015‬! Sarah is a Manager for Climate Change and Sustainability at @kpmg ! We are really excited to have her speak to us about how we can make an impact on the environment. 





case competition results


Afnan Azam - University of Toronto Mississauga


1st Place: Brock University - Thomas Hewitt, Sara Mackneson, Toniya Anthonipillai, Scott Dunlop

2nd Place: University of Waterloo - Annie Jian, Anna Jia, Ellie Wang, Troy Wefers


1st Place: University of Waterloo - John Youn, Aili Huang, Blythe Chik, Kevin Li

2nd Place: University of Toronto Mississauga - Vaibhav Makkar, Ashun Aziz, Mariam Rizwan, Afnan Azam

3rd Place: Concordia University - Jonathan Gouliaris, Sophie Dallaire, Melissa Greene, Steven Scalia


The Brock University Accounting Conference celebrated their 7th annual event this year from November 20th - 22nd 2015....

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